Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prayers for Ruthie's Mom

To those of you following my blog, thank you for stopping by today.  I didn't have a post last weekbecause I was at the hospital with my mom AND my sister.  My sister is home but Mother had to be readmitted this week and is in ICU, so I am here at the hospital with her.  She is out of the woods but she is still very sick.  I hope you will keep her and my sister in your prayers as they work toward being healthy again.


  1. You're all still in my prayers, Ruthie! Keep on keeping on, my friend! I'm so glad I know you! I hope your family is in better health soon.

  2. I got a little behind on my blogs, so I had not heard about your mom. I will send prayers your way. Please send updates when possible. Love ya!

  3. Goodness Ruthie I am sure praying for your ladies right now....
    thank you for the kind tip on MWS about using large stamps...I will remember that as time goes marching on. I love to stamp!
    I adore the little wrapped rose made with ribbon on your card way below!!
    Many Blessings to you from the cozy cottage


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