Friday, August 29, 2008

3d Star Tutorial

Woo hoo! I figured out how to get pictures with the text!



Star Punch
Vellum Cardstock
Fiskars Cutter

Punch the star out and lay it in the cutter as pictured

Next, put the cutting track down and use your bone folder to score from the middle of the star to the top of the point

This is what the star looks like after all points have been scored:

Pinch the points along the fold line to make the star even more 3D:

Voila! A 3D star!

I use a Pop Up Glue Dot in the center of the star to attach it to the card. This also makes it stay 3D even if it goes through the mail.


  1. i love your little stars ruthie.

    too cute.

    cheers ~ carol.

  2. Whoa, cool is this?? What an awesome tutorial and I'm gonna have to try this soon! Diva Hugs, Judi H.


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