Friday, April 1, 2011

Saturday Sketch Challenge 4/2 -- Well Fine!!!!

So I'm ready to upload my card and go to get the sketch and I've done the wrong one!!!!!!!  Owa tagoo siam!!!!  Check back this afternoon for the RIGHT one!!!  In the meantime, skip on over to Tammy's awesome blog to see what she has for us today!


  1. haha, i must have rubbed off on you. ;)
    you could have just posted it like i did. xoxox

  2. Hopefully you did one for the future!! :-)

  3. LOL! Convention can't come soon enough, huh? Have a great week, Ruthie!

  4. At least you put a smile on several faces... Including mine! I am already looking forward to seeing you at Convention, Ruthie!


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